In principle, most of us understand that buying handmade has several advantages. Whether we’re supporting a Fait a la Main artist or shopping from local artists and craftspeople. Perhaps you’ve examined what the benefit of purchasing for handmade is, and who benefits from the transaction.

Of course, there are several advantages for both you as the buyer and the producer as the firm owner. However, there are additional advantages to purchasing, utilising, and creating handcrafted things.

Environmentally Friendly
Handmade items are better for the environment. Most handcrafted items do not necessitate the use of a factory or huge production facility. Rather, virtually all are made in tiny craft studios and workshops, the converted shed at the foot of the garden, or people’s houses.

Handmade is often quite local, so it does not have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres to reach you. When you purchase from Manufactured By Rachel, you’ll see that your handcrafted item is shipped from the UK, and it’s also made in the UK!

A handmade product is one-of-a-kind
Unlike mass-produced presents, each handcrafted item will frequently have distinct variations, making the item and the transaction incredibly special. Nobody else in the world may have the identical thing, which is rather unusual!

Many of the handcrafted gifts available from Made By Rachel are made to order, customised, and personalised to your specifications.

Helping the Local Economy
When you purchase a Made By Rachel item, you are directly supporting a UK-based artist. Although it may not be immediately local for your needs, the money remains in the UK, which is significant. Instead of your money going to giant international corporations where the manufacturer or designer earns a fraction of the real item price, it goes directly to the individual who produced your great present.

But it’s not just about the money. Each purchase gives the artist, manufacturer, or craftsperson confidence in their product, the potential to further develop their talents, and the opportunity to re-invest the money back into their business and continue making wonderful pieces of art.

Handmade Survives Time
Remember the days when you bought something and it lasted a long time? The majority of handmade things are built to last. They are made of a quality that can survive time, and chances are you will retain them for a long time.

It’s quirky and trendy
Independent designer-makers and craftspeople are often on-trend far faster than huge corporations and professionally made items. As a tiny firm, I can experiment and create a one-off item to see whether it would generate interest, establish a pattern, and swiftly build an assortment that exactly matches the trend. It will take at least a year to implement a new service within a major commercial business. A tiny independent designer will be far more adaptable.

Each product has a unique backstory
Each handmade product has a unique narrative, and each handmade store and the person who produced it put a lot of time and effort into creating something one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and made just for you. Every decision made throughout the product development process has a rationale, such as why the stones chosen for the silver bracelet are a wonderful peacock green hue or why the colour of your beads is a certain shade of purple.