Whether you’re working from home because of the epidemic or have always worked from home, it’s never been as simple as some make it out to be. Those who need to go to the office for an eight-to-five job consider work-from-home arrangements as the stuff of fairy tales. It is not the case. Rather, it takes a lot of effort to write a 500-word piece or devise a brilliant marketing plan when staring at familiar objects… or, more simply, as three children argue about what to eat for supper.

How are you surviving if you’re not thinking about how to keep your kids entertained when you’re all at home? You are not required to provide them with amusement. You don’t have to spend every waking hour planning new things to keep them entertained. Your children, like you, are unique individuals. You have the same right to enjoy your time as they do. It is your right to be able to work in peace and have some “me” time if you can find it.

Enroll them in School
Academics do not always have to be the focus of a class. If your children do the same thing every day—learn to read and write, count numbers, and conduct scientific projects—they will become bored. The monotony will not be ideal for a child that is continuously wondering about what is going on around them. You must enrol them in classes that will pique their interests and ignite their passions. Many online enrichment schools provide a wide range of lessons and programmes, including music, arts, sports, coding, science, and technology.

You are not required to take your children to a real store. Rather, these classes are now delivered online. It’s the most secure option in the midst of the epidemic.

Give them chores at home
It may surprise you that children like completing basic things at home. Just be sure to rotate them through various jobs each day. On the first day, for example, teach them how to fold laundry. The next day, kids may begin putting the garments in the appropriate cupboards and drawers. This easy chore will need an hour of your children’s time, which equals an hour of quiet and tranquillity for you.

Allow them to play outside
Do you own a yard? You are quite fortunate. Your backyard is the finest playground for your children. It’s safe enough because you can work while keeping an eye out for them. Make sure there is adequate green area in the yard. Install a slide, swing, see-saw, and monkey bar if you can afford it. Children require more than just intellectual stimulation for their brains; they also require physical exercises that improve their motor abilities.

You can cook with them
When you’re going to start supper, you’ve always sent your kids to their bedroom or the living room. Allow them to assist you in the kitchen. You’re going to make a mess in the kitchen anyhow, so why not make it an educational experience for your children? They’ll be amazed at how food is made. They’ll appreciate the foods you offer them more now that they know the kitchen doesn’t make them for them.

Play around with Paint
Playing with colours is always enjoyable for your children, regardless of their age. Choose washable paints for younger children. Because kids will be experimenting with colours, this will occupy their time. Make older children pick between poster paints and acrylic paints. If they have a talent for painting, let them experiment with high-quality paints since you never know who will be the next Picasso. Always be supportive of their ambitions, no matter how outlandish they may seem to you.